Starfighters Closes 2023 With Growing Momentum in Hypersonic Testing and Space Access Platforms, as Management Reports New Hypersonic Research Agreements and Increase in Launch Opportunity Pipeline.

Company Expects to Close New Hypersonic Contracts in Q1 while Seeing Growing Interest in Launch Services as Space X’s Reported 180+B Valuation Highlights the Growing Need for Alternative Strategic Launch Solutions.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, December 31, 2023 – Starfighters Space Inc. (“Starfighters” or the “Company”), headquartered at Kennedy Space Center, operating the only commercial fleet of aircraft in the world with the capability to fly at sustained MACH 2 along with the capability to air-launch payloads at altitude, today delivered its year end update and 2024 industry outlook to shareholders.  Management echoed the enthusiasm presented by 70th Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo on his December 5th Visit to Starfighters Space HQ.

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Mr. Pompeo’s visit was part of management’s roll out of new branding and platform services, as the company focuses on serving increasing demand for its hypersonic research and testing platform along with preparing for the commercialization of its launch platform in 2024.

“We wanted to gut check our mission with the one person who has talked the talk… and walked the walk… and that is Definitely Mike Pompeo,” said Founder and CEO Svetkoff. “We see his combination of front-line experience in managing the global hypersonic threat, and his endorsement of Starfighters’ role in hypersonic research and space access as an important milestone in demonstrating our progress and value.”

“It was powerful to hear Mr. Pompeo to highlight our critical role in the future of defense and space” said Starfighters VP of Operations Tim Franta. “We are already seeing new market interest as a result of his visit and support.”

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This event came on the heels of several new opportunities at Starfighters:

  • New Contracts for Hypersonic Research: The Company recently announced new contracts with GE and Innoveering. These contracts are now evolving into new discussions and longer-term commitments.  Management expects to announce Stage 2 contracts in Q1.
  • Think Tank Meeting Starfighters Space HQ: Earlier in the month, Starfighters hosted its first Institutional Think Tank Meeting at Starfighters’ Kennedy Center HQ. In attendance were a group of retired Generals and Admirals who represent a broad range of government, institutional and commercial initiatives around Hypersonic Research and Advanced Space Access. Management sees these meetings as gateways to providing insight into demand and opportunity in our sectors. From this first meeting, the Company has already added to the pipeline with potential research partnerships.
  • StarLaunch Platform II Generating Interest: The Company has also received its first letter of interest for utilizing its StarLaunch II Platform for payload delivery to Lower Earth Orbit and expects to announce new initiatives following StarLaunch I’s drop tests targeted for Q2.

2023 Saw the company execute against multiple milestones:

  • Successful underwing captive carry (2022):
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  • Successful Flight of F-104 In Italy: The Company was able to dissemble and transfer one of its aircraft inside of a C-130, delivering the F-104 to Italy where it was reassembled and flown as part of the Italian Airforce’s Centennial Celebration.   This was a critical test of the transportability of the F-104 platform, demonstrating that the aircraft could be transported and launched from an alternative field. 
  • Growth and Upgrades in Fleet and Personnel: As part of its arrangement with the Italian Airforce, management has acquired additional aircraft and parts with a goal of supporting its F-104 flight capability for as much as 10 years.  This includes engines, avionics, and other components that the company feels will contribute to dramatically extending the life of their growing fleet.  At the same time, Starfighters has continued to train and certify new pilots and has brought on additional ground personnel.
  • Successful Underwing Test Mach 1.9 accelerating with mass simulator underwing.
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  • GE Aerospace and Innoveering Expansion of Sila program to StarLaunch Initiative: Management is expanding its Agreements with GE Aerospace and Innoveering for the further development of its updated launch platform, StarLaunch, expanding the program to provide for StarLaunch 1, designed for its current F-104 configuration and StarLaunch 2, which will expand the platform’s orbital delivery capabilities.
  • GE Expanding Hypersonic Testing Demand: At the same time, GE has committed to expand its hypersonic testing relationship with a new agreement expected to close by January 2024. The company strategically uses this co-development initiative as a way to harness the resources of a much larger R&D resource without having to underwrite the entire program. 
  • Extension of deal at KSC and Inbound Interest from New Spaceport Locations: Management has extended its hangar lease for its Kennedy Space Center location. At the same time, the company has received interest from several spaceports who are interested in working to provide Starfighters with a second launch location.
  • New Branding and Positioning. In anticipation of 2024 contracts and commercial marketing initiatives, the Company used the occasion of Pompeo’s visit to launch its new branding and positioning, focusing the business on two critical missions:
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In its discussions with Pompeo, the Company pointed to a powerful range of strategic advantages in its approach and model: 

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Looking forward to 2024, Tim Franta commented on the company’s StarLaunch initiative.  “We are excited by our progress with GE Aeronautics and Innoveering and expect our piloted first stage payload delivery platform to complete testing in 2024 and be ready to enter the market as the demand for strategic launch of mission critical payloads explodes.”

Starfighters Rick Svetkoff concluded: “With the demand for space access heating up and the absolute requirement for Hypersonic testing and eventual superiority critical to our defense, we believe we are increasingly well positioned to solve critical problems in the race for the business of space.”

Industry Update: Space Is Back! (or it never left).

The demand for satellite launch has driven SpaceX’s valuation to $180 Billion. According to CNBC:

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“It has a near-monopoly on the U.S. satellite launch market, due to its workhorse Falcon rockets and the struggles of rivals to field operational rockets to compete. “

Here are other highlights from the story:

SpaceX valuation climbs to $180 billion1

  • The valuation of Elon Musk’s space and internet company SpaceX hit $180 billion based on an ongoing secondary share sale, CNBC confirmed Wednesday.
  • The company is discussing an agreement with investors to sell stock from insiders in a purchase offer at $97 a share, according to a person familiar with the discussions.
  • SpaceX’s latest valuation ranks it above the market value of top U.S. defense contractors as well as the most valuable U.S. telecommunications companies.


Fortuna Investment CEO, Justus Parmar was featured in commentary regarding this latest news update. 

With SpaceX now valued at $180B1, making it one of if not the most valuable companies in the world, attention has returned to space access as well as Hypersonic development.  Starfighters is uniquely positioned in what has been estimated as a $200B+ combined market, with 30,000 payloads needing space access by 2030.

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