SpaceNews : Intuitive Machines expects early end to IM-1 lunar lander mission

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — Intuitive Machines said Feb. 26 it expects to communicate with its Odysseus lunar lander, tipped on its side on the lunar surface, for only one more day, a much shorter timeline than previously expected. In an update posted Feb. 26, the first since a Feb. 23 briefing where the company revealed the […]

SpaceNews : Tony Frazier takes the helm at LeoLabs

[[{“value”:” SAN FRANCISCO – Tony Frazier, who led Maxar Technologies’ Earth Intelligence business, takes the helm March 1 of space mapping firm LeoLabs. Meanwhile, Dan Ceperley, who co-founded LeoLabs in 2016, will become chief operations officer for the 100-person company. LeoLabs is at an inflection point in its growth trajectory, Frazier told SpaceNews. In addition to […]

SpaceNews : Crew-8 set for March 1 launch to space station

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — NASA and SpaceX are proceeding with a commercial crew mission to the International Space Station later this week, part of a busy schedule of missions to the station this year. NASA completed a flight readiness review Feb. 25 for the Crew-8 mission to the ISS, announcing late in the day that the […]

SpaceNews : China’s 2024 space plans include 100 launches and moon sample return mission

[[{“value”:” HELSINKI — China is planning a national record 100 orbital launches in 2024, according to the country’s main space contractor.  The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) plans around 70 launches to send more than 290 spacecraft into orbit. The remaining launches will be performed by China’s growing commercial launch sector.  The plans […]

SpaceNews : Space Force bucks fixed-price trend for nuclear command satellites 

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — In a departure from recent guidance, the Space Force will use cost-plus contracts for its high-priority strategic communications satellite program.  Space Force acquisition executive Frank Calvelli said Feb. 23 that the service has decided to not use fixed-price contracts for the Evolved Strategic Satellite Communications System (ESS), a critical component of the […]

SpaceNews : Japan’s SLIM moon lander stages unexpected revival after lunar night

[[{“value”:” HELSINKI — Japan’s space agency made contact with its SLIM moon lander Sunday, despite the spacecraft not being expected to function after lunar night. Contact with the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) spacecraft was reestablished on Sunday, Feb. 25, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced via its dedicated SLIM account on X, […]

SpaceNews : FAA commercial human spaceflight regulatory learning period nears expiration

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — Congress is expected to decide in the next two weeks whether to extend current restrictions on regulating the safety of commercial human spaceflight occupants, and if so, for how long. House and Senate negotiators are working to finalize a new long-term Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that would extend and modify existing […]

SpaceNews : Space industry seeks clarity on defense market plans

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — Space industry executives and investors at a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce event grappled with unanswered questions on the Pentagon’s plans to commercialize activities and increase its reliance on private-sector technologies. Business leaders said they see bright spots in the defense market such as the Space Development Agency (SDA), which is buying […]

SpaceNews : Government contracts spur growth for Relative Dynamics

[[{“value”:” SAN FRANCISCO – Relative Dynamics, a Massachusetts startup focused on optical communications, is growing rapidly thanks to recent government contracts. “Since 2021 we have doubled in size annually in terms of people employed, projects and revenue, Kush Patel, Relative Dynamics founder and CEO, told SpaceNews. When Laurel, Maryland-based Relative Dynamics was founded in 2011, […]

SpaceNews : IM-1 lunar lander tipped over on its side

[[{“value”:” WASHINGTON — The Intuitive Machines Nova-C lunar lander likely tipped over when touching down on the moon Feb. 22 and is now resting on its side. In a televised media teleconference Feb. 23, nearly 24 hours after the IM-1 mission landed on the moon, company officials said they believed the lander, 4.3 meters tall […]