SpaceNews : MDA Space taps Aerospacelab for satellite components


WASHINGTON — MDA Space, the recently rebranded Canadian space technology firm, selected Belgium-based Aerospacelab to supply components for its new line of satellites, expanding its roster of international partners.

Aerospacelab announced July 8 that it will provide more than 200 battery charge regulators for MDA Space’s Aurora satellites over a three-year period starting in 2026. These components are used to manage power distribution and battery charging in satellite systems.

This deal marks another step in MDA Space’s supply chain development for Aurora, which was unveiled in March as a new line of software-defined satellites. The Aurora platform is designed to operate across multiple non-geostationary orbits and frequencies.

Aurora’s anchor customer is Telesat’s low Earth orbit satellite broadband constellation, Telesat Lightspeed. 

MDA Space recently selected Germany’s Jena-Optronik to provide over 500 star trackers and Switzerland’s Huber+Suhner to supply more than 60,000 multi-channel radio frequency (RF) and DC board-to-board connectors.

Aerospacelab, known for its small satellite technology, is building a large factory in Belgium, and has recently expanded into North America.

MDA Space, which recently rebranded from MDA, has been expanding its operational footprint in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The company’s push into software-defined satellite technology reflects the broader industry trend towards more flexible and efficient space infrastructure.


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